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alkyline was created by the brain of a maximalist trying to make the most ordinary of days feel extraordinary. Things can be quite bland and mundane, but wearing something that makes you feel and look great can unlock a sense of creativity and transport you to another time. Collections are designed to encapsulate specific times in history that had a significant mark in the world of fashion, or that were just extremely fabulous.

Wearing similar styles to those of women worn in decades past can be empowering. Although we have lightyears to go in terms or equality for all in the year 2024, we can sport these vintage inspired clothes while watching movies from Old Hollywood and know that the women we see on the screen had a part in the progress we live in today.  

alkyline is for the women who watched those old movies and tv shows, for the ones that scour racks at vintage stores, and the ones lucky enough to have rummaged through their grandmother's closet with original styles from years ago. alkyline creates handmade, highly crafted garments meant to be loved for years to come. Keep them around- one day maybe someone will be excited to look through your closet. 

Hi there!

I'm Kylie, the one-woman show of alkyline. I learned how to sew at a very young age from my grandma, with I Love Lucy always running in the background. I have logged hundreds of hours behind the needle, and even more hours surrounded by classic movies and television shows.


I'm passionate about learning about the past, but even more so, passionate about the progress we can make today for a better tomorrow.  Cheers!

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