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Garment Care Guide

A Note on Caring for Your alkyline Pieces

alkyline is on a mission to create sustainable pieces with sustainable practices. Cleaning the garments properly can preserve the life of each item to keep them around longer, and keeping them out of landfills! With this, deadstock fabric is being saved because many designers who originally ordered the fabric turn it away if too much was produced, or slight imperfections are shown. alkyline does not want to shy away from slightly flawed fabric (who's perfect anyway?), and will use the material if it doesn't structurally change the piece it's creating. The 1930s collection is comrised of three main materials, a few pieces having a mixture of two. A quick guide on how to care for each fabric or combination of fabric is as follows:

100% Vietnam silk 

The Harlow, The Lombard (white)- Silk is a natural textile and has many lovely qualities and characteristics. It's strong, it's hypoallergenic, and it helps regulate body temperature. And as an added bonus, this natural textile doesn't need to be washed as often as you might expect.
If you find yourself needing to give the garment a
wash, handwashing in cool water is always suggested. A mild detergent, preferable one made specifically for washing silk, can be used. If your garment finds itself in the washing machine, it will survive in a gentle cycle with cool water (it should survive at other temperatures also, but it might lessen the life expectancy if it happens too many times). 
Air drying is best. And a cool iron can be used if you find it necessary, but the slightl
y crumpled texture gives it a lovely look.
*If you are a Dry Clean type of person, please consult an eco friendly dry cleaner for your silk cleaning. 

100% Polyester Organza from Turkey 

The Crawford, trimmings on other garments- Polyester Organza is a manmade material that is sheer with a lovely drape. Lightweight and see through, it holds structure when used for decorative embellishments and also provides a nice flow when used for the main portion of garments. 
This fabric should be hand washed with cool or warm water, with a mild detergent, paying close attention to parts of the piece with embellishments. Air drying is best, and cool ironing can be used if you wish. 

Stretch Polyester from the Ukraine 

The Katharine, The Lombard, The Bette- The blue sage patterned material is a man-made material consisting of 50% Polyester, 45% Viscose, and 5% Elastane. This is a lighter feeling fabric that feels SO silky and soft and has quite a bit of stretch, without compromising the structure of the design. 
This fabric can be handwashed warm with a mild detergent. The body of the fabric can withstand gentle machine washing, but to be safe, handwashing is suggested due to pieces with trim. Air drying is suggested, with a cool iron session afterward, if necessary. 

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