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Icing on the Cake

I don't know about you, but a big earring can really take me places. In the 1930s, most people didn't have the luxury of buying a new wardrobe let alone a single garment. Cheaply made costume jewelry adorned the necks and ears of many women trying to update and glamorize their look.

Finding a show stopping necklace at an antique store is one of the biggest wins one can experience in this lifetime (I don't get out much). Pair that black onyx and brass pendant with The Lombard Top. Or how about combining The Crawford robe with a set of clip-on earrings a little too heavy for your ears? STOP.

Up to this point, I've been thinking solely on adornments from the neck up, but The Katherine is begging to be work with a feathery house slipper. True luxury!

Don't forget about The Bette! Whenever I think of Bette Davis, I always think of her with a cute bow around her neck. Be like Bette, add a bow! And as a bonus, The Bette can also be worn in the hair as a tie headband.

Each piece in alkyline's 1930s collection has enough personality to be a stand alone piece, but if you ask me, costume jewelry for any occasion is always icing on the cake.

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