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Setting the Scene

If the world is your stage, make sure you are your own good costumer. The costume should fit the scene, as the scene should fit in with the costumes. Just wearing the clothes won't cut it. You have to feel them. Creating an ambience in your home allows you to escape the everyday and provides an experience for true relaxation.

A few things to really elevate the experience with each alkyline piece:

The Crawford and a fireplace

Now I know a fireplace isn't readily available to everyone. In that case, light a nice candle. Although people didn't have decorative, yummy smelling candles in their homes in the 30s, we can take creative liberty here and burn the mood setter.

The Lombard and a record player

With the likes of Billie Holiday or Ella Fitzgerald spinning on the machine, of course!

The Katharine or The Harlow and some vintage entertainment

Nothing is more relaxing than an old dramedy, and I especially value them when they are pre-code! Unfortunately, The Hays Code hindered social progress and censored creative minds mid-30s, but there are some gems from before that point. Try Dinner at Eight and Red-Headed Woman. And even though it's a little later in the decade, My Man Godfrey is a good one too.

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